Apixio Big Data Technology Stack

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The Apixio Technology Stack borrows proven technologies from e-commerce and online advertising to support healthcare organizations in making data-driven decisions. Apixio leverages a high-performance Hadoop-based infrastructure with a proprietary knowledge graph, machine learning algorithms and large volumes of data to create flexible and scalable solutions.

The resulting Apixio data model includes queryable and standardized data from a variety of sources available via an API.

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The Apixio Technology Stack can:

  • Quickly process large volumes of data
  • Handle a variety of healthcare data including: coded, textual, claims, administrative, scanned documents
  • Provide instant access to population and patient data
  • Allow your organization to use a full range of available data to make decisions and take action
  • Tie into and enhance clinical and business intelligence applications

Our Technology

Hadoop Big Data infrastructure: A high performance, highly scalable big data infrastructure built on top of Hadoop distributed computing technology.

Security and Privacy: Data protection includes multi-level security and end-to-end HIPAA-compliant AES 256 encryption.

High scale ETL: High performance extraction and processing of data from available sources including: EHR, PM, billing clearinghouse, HIE, data warehouse, PACS, document folders and CMS RAPS.

OCR of scanned documents: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) processing of scanned documents for text extraction and utilization of data for quality measures, risk assessment and care coordination.

Flexible data model: Faithful representation of individual patient healthcare history regardless of data source or type.

MINE™ Technology: Patent pending Medical Information Navigation Engine (MINE) at the core of Apixio’s Clinical Knowledge Exchange (CKX) platform.

Concept meta-tagging: Effective and reliable identification, translation or inference of application specific information via event stream generation with meta-tagging of information.

Machine learning algorithms: Context-sensitive data that reduces information overload and improves the usefulness of clinical information.

CKX Rest API: High performance patient and population level queries available for business intelligence tools and clinical applications.

Application vendors can exchange data using the Apixio Clinical Knowledge Exchange (CKX) platform or easily embed the Apixio Care Optimizer solution inside existing applications using our REST or SOAP APIs. All benefits of the Apixio Care Optimizer are available within the embedded display for a seamless experience for customers.

Steps to implement Apixio API

Apply to be an integrator and receive more information

• Sign a Memorandum of Understanding for temporary API use

• Receive the API specifications

• Embed Apixio Care Optimizer in your software and test

• Execute licensing agreement

• Market, sell and deploy to your customers


Required Standards

• HTML 4.0.1 or later

Supported clinical document standards

• CCD: HITSP C32 format (a constrained HL7 CDA / CCD)

• CCR: ASTM E2369-05 CCR (limited feature)

Supported sections and vocabularies

• Problems (free text, ICD9 codes)

• Office Notes (full, adhoc text in CCD)

• Medications (free text, RxNorm codes)

• Allergies (free text)

• Labs (free text, CPT codes)

• Procedures (free text)

• Immunizations (free text)

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